Gizmo Varillas

A Spanish musician, living in London. He debuted in 2016 with a fully authorial project. Varillas composed each of the songs on the album and played every single instrumental part on it, finally becoming the producer of his debut “El Dorado”, acclaimed by the Classic Pop Magazine as one of the ten best debut records of the year. Right now he starts his tour, promoting the second album, titled “Dreaming of Better Days”, which will have its premiere on the 6th of July this year. The first single from the album, which saw the light of the day was “Losing You”, released in January 2018. At the beginning of May his second single was released, called “One People”.

Going back to the roots, Gizmo reaches for rumba or flamenco elements. Besides it, we can hear the echoes of Bossa Nova, tango, Latin American salsa or even African sounds.